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Real Reviews By Real Persons

The debt had been ELIMINATED

My dad passed away last October, and as we were going through the estate issues we received a bill from the IRS for $36,673. This was for a federal tax lien for back taxes he owed. I called my provider law firm about it and a tax attorney called me back. We talked, then he said he’d make some calls; when he got back to me, he got the lien reduced to $11,150. I was happy and willing to pay but my attorney said not to pay until the IRS sent me the bill, and before paying, call him back when I got it. I got the bill 8 weeks later and called him... and he said he'd contact the IRS again and get back to me. When he called back he said the debt had been ELIMINATED. I was in shock. He was able to eliminate the debt because there is a statute that says the IRS only has 10 years to collect on a debt, and that deadline passed during the time it took the IRS to send the bill.

Another Happy Client,

Gave me guidance and peace of mind

My husband went to my daughter’s former employer (a little ice cream shop where she worked over the summer) to get her W2. To our surprise, they gave him a 1099 - they never took out taxes! What the heck?! This is totally illegal by the way, and now my 16-year-old is ready to file taxes for the first time and could OWE because she is considered self-employed — without her knowledge! You better believe that within minutes I called my provider law firm. Two different attorneys called me back - one was an employment attorney, the other a tax attorney. Both were very helpful, very friendly, and gave me the advice that was not only perfect for my situation but thankfully exactly what we wanted to hear. Shame on the ice cream shop for being shady and dishonest, but so glad I had my law firm to give me guidance and peace of mind.

S. Dufresne, CA

That saved me over $22,000!

I was audited by the IRS. While I was nervous (it was my first time), I was also confident. My provider law firm assigned me an expert tax attorney with 20+ years experience, and that attorney attended my IRS interview with me. During the interview, when the IRS agent began to grill me about certain deductions, my lawyer stepped in and stopped her. She had not requested info on that area of my returns, so, being 'checked', she agreed and dropped the questioning. That saved me over $22,000! Had it not been for my attorney, I would have innocently answered the questions, not knowing any better. Anyone would! But, because my attorney knew better and stopped me, I didn't... and saved all those payments PLUS interest.

Another Happy Client,

They called us, apologized, and paid the $16,000 in back taxes

My mortgage company did not pay my taxes (without my knowledge) and my account became delinquent. I’d previously called my mortgage company to find out the payoff amount on my loan, and because of that, they froze my escrow account. But they didn't tell me, so my account became delinquent after a couple of months. I called the mortgage company myself and they said they couldn't help because my house was already in the foreclosure stage. I flipped out, as you could imagine, because we have our taxes built into our mortgage every month. I called our provider law firm. The lawyer I worked with said what the mortgage company did was against the law and that they would help me rectify the situation. They wrote a letter on my behalf, and shortly after the mortgage company received it, they called us, apologized, and paid the $16,000 in back taxes.

R. Acosta, NC