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Document Filing Questions

01. What does it cost?

The cost of preparing legal documents may vary depending on several factors, including the nature of the contract, any customized terms, and the number of revisions required. On average, contract drafting services cost around $600, but fees may differ depending on the specific project.

02. How long does it take?

When creating a contract, it's essential to keep in mind that the process may not end with the initial drafting phase. There could be additional steps to take, like Negotiations, reviews, and approvals may be required, which can prolong the process beyond the drafting phase.

03. Can I write my own contract?

Writing your own legal document is acceptable since you can still create a legally binding document. However, it is not encouraged given the nuances involved in legal language and the law. If a transaction you are involved in is high value or high impact, it is best to hire a lawyer to draft a contract.

04. Do we charge Hourly rate?

Our document preparers confidently provide flat rate quotes to clients, as we understand the potential drawbacks of hourly rates, which can lead to unexpected fees. Once we have a thorough understanding of the assignment and necessary terms for the document, we will offer a fair and transparent flat fee for our services.

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I sincerely appreciate the Help

I sincerely appreciate the Help Mr. Johnson rendered. His Professional Demeanor and Christlike Spirit was a Blessing.Thank you, Mr. Johnson

Deeanna Ables, TX

Great job

Beatrice did a great job. She answered all my questions and was helpful and courteous. She is a keeper.

Sal Reveles, AZ

Representative was very courteous and professional

Representative was very courteous and professional. Thank You for getting back to me so quickly.

Ruth Emil, ID

She had us with the best in a matter of no time.

Gloria Houghton is an amazing woman. And she had us with the best in a matter of no time. She is a Saint in disguise and wants nothing but the best, as well as to make sure you are represented by nothing but the best.

Fredrick Lahey, ON